Service Overview

Amidas Partners Advisory Services

At Amidas Partners, our professionals with extensive expertise work together with lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, and other specialists who are well acquainted with M&A transactions to build the optimum team for each client case. We provide one-stop advisory services to assist our client’s decisions swiftly and in an appropriate manner, from strategy planning through to the specific steps of execution and post-deal investor relations. We also provide individual operational support services for each M&A phase according to progress.

Total Support for Each Case

Strategy Planning Phase >Strategy Planning Phase
>Policy planning based on corporate strategy
>Business portfolio analysis/evaluation and feasibility study
>M&A strategy planning
>Financial strategy & business program planning
Specific Planning Phase >Transaction structuring and schedule planning
>Initial company & business valuation
>Preparation of corporate profile and proposals
>Candidate identification & negotiations
Deal Execution Phase >Negotiating initial terms and conditions, preparation and signing of term sheet
>Due diligence
>Company and business valuation
>Bidding, negotiation, preparation and signing of final contract
>Deal completion and closing
Post-Deal Phase >Timely disclosure, IR, legal affairs, etc.

Specific Services

We provide a full-line of M&A services tailored to the strategic requirements of our clients.
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